Thursday, December 3, 2009

Winged Yetis from different Brains

Sorry about the late posts... that's what will probably be happening with this blog a lot.

Today I decided to ask a few friends to draw pictures of their "winged yetis", and this is what I got in return.

First, here's mine:
Kind of a stretched out weird looking thing. Took the idea from a Chewbacca drawing I did a while back.

Next up is Zac's (his site here):
More of a logo than a character. Zac has always been known to stretch the concept around until he finds his way out of the box. Well done sir.

Next on the list is Derek's (his twitter here):
Derek showed me some steam punk images the other day and I think it kind of shows with this sketch. Very cool.

And last but certainly not least, Dan's (his deviant art page here):
I'm not quite sure why Dan doesn't have a big time job working with some character design team somewhere yet... but CRAZY detail went into this and he deserves much more credit than I can give at this time. As the only person who submitted more than just a sketch I say, well done sir.

Till tomorrow

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